Infographic of Tiger Head landscape

Infographic of Tiger Head landscape

Some other parts of a tiger


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Tiger Head is a famous peak (450m) on Lantau Island and attracts many hikers to Discovery Bay. Inspired by Loic's Tiger Neck, I named other parts referring to a lying tiger on Disocvery Bay.

Tiger illustration.jpg

  • Tiger Head - The well known location. Top elevation of Discovery Bay.
  • Tiger Neck - Follow the "d*** trail" (aka Reservoir South Fork) to C7105; good shortcut to go Mui Wo or Tung Chung
  • Tiger Back - Classical route up/ down Tiger Head, mostly on the ridge. Good view of DB and Tung Mun directions. What's cooler than running on tiger back?
  • Tiger Belly - A fork from the sharp / rocky/ sandy climb to Tiger Head, then connects to Neo Horizon. Shady trail good for summer time.
  • Tiger Butt - Most new hikers rest here with deep breathe and check phone to decide which direction is Tiger Head or Tiger Tail.
  • Tiger Tail - The definitive way to go Disneyland via three moderate peaks.
  • Tiger Claw - Small trail from La Vista/ La Serene to reservoir. Good place to exercise poles