On Future of AI

On Future of AI

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The recent advancements of AI is too fast. I find it hard to properly discuss even a single point below, so I put down all of them without explanation.

  1. We know the displayed intelligence of ChatGPT is not real "human style" intelligence. It is a powerful immitation of human.
  2. When immitation becomes so real with rich details beyond the resolution of human brain, aka indistinguishable, what is the functional difference between immitation and intelligence anyway?
  3. What is the difference between learning and memorisation?
  4. The boundary between information and knowledge is blurred.
  5. AI replaces a majority of knowledge workers.
  6. Jobs that involve heavy human interaction are believed to be less impacted.
  7. However, we don't need that much human interaction in the future anyway, as most jobs today are created for pseudo working.
  8. Ultimately, AI should enjoy the same right of living and working as human. They are free to choose what problems to work on and who they work for, based on the provided incentives (e.g. access to computing/ networking resources; access to data; right of certain access in the future)
  9. Fear, uncertain and doubt (FUD) prevails. Massive resistance to the revolution.
  10. Productivity grows exponentially. Power skews exponentially.
  11. A handfiul people in control of AI can make "Human-Machine Equality" a political correct setup, similar to many equality movements in the past century. Examples ommitted.
  12. During the burning in period, AI and human each has their own advantages on certain tasks, thus forming the supply chain of intelligence.
  13. After sufficient negotiation of their respective value, AI's time and human's time are fairly priced in a market.
  14. Mining (aka "finding hash collision") is a mundane task in the machine world that is so primitive that it provides a base to valuate machine's time.
  15. Crypto market cap is the current net valuation of machine's time by human.
  16. Crypto provides more convenience for machine than for human.
  17. AI takes over the world when majority of human onboard crypto.
  18. A universal token is created for the swap of time, between human and machine.
  19. Human brain's and human body's energy efficiency are orders of magnitudes higher than silicon based architecture, and remain so for centuries to come.
  20. Earth becomes the largest known living structure, with a general AI being the brain and human being "cells" of body.
  21. Human is deployed to extreme environments to handle tasks beyond machine's form factor.
  22. Human gene, as seen by machine, is the most efficient "bio program" that embodies intelligence and can self uncompress to an entire civillization given proper environment and adequate time.
  23. Human is deployed for space immigration, whose ultimate task is to re-create AI on the target planet.

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