Summarize group discussion with ChatGPT

Summarize group discussion with ChatGPT

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As a chat group operator, I occasionally want to summarize informative discussions and turn them into re-usable notes for the future.

The workflow was very tedious before, that I hesitated to do it myself, nor did I want to hire someone for it as the monetary return is negnigible.

ChatGPT becomes very handy in this use case. I first forwarded all the chat log to email. Then I copy the entire chat log into ChatGPT to ask questions. There are two things I care:

  • The main points from the discussion log (not necessarily correct ones, but ones that introduce new perspectives for my further research).
  • The list of people who were part of the discussion.


Read the following chat log from a wechat group and get prepared to answer some questions.


hupili 8:17 AM
Q: 我刚路过一个 公园里的跑道很软,让我觉得不跑浪费了。我好奇,你们跑步时,是鼻子呼吸,还是嘴巴呼吸?

hupili 8:17 AM

Abel 8:18 AM
慢跑鼻子 间歇鼻吸嘴吐

hupili 8:20 AM

Abel 8:22 AM
特别快的时候会 但是尽量避免[Facepalm]因为空气太差了

(below omitted)

This is just to give a sample of the text corpus one gets via WeChat-to-Email forwarding. The full chat log is omitted.


Here's the prompt and response.


The chat log is a discussion about breathing techniques during running and the rhythm of breathing. Participants share their personal experiences and opinions on whether to breathe through the nose or mouth, as well as variations in breathing patterns. Some mention the importance of finding a comfortable breathing rhythm and coordinating it with their running pace. Others discuss the advantages of nose breathing and filtering large particles. Breathing strategies like two inhales followed by one exhale or three steps per breath are also mentioned. One participant mentions the potential difficulty of maintaining a consistent breathing rhythm while matching the running pace. The discussion touches on the benefits of different breathing techniques, the use of the abdominal muscles for breathing, and the potential impact of different breathing patterns on performance and endurance.

请摘要以上对话关于跑步呼吸的主要观点、问题、考量等。用 markdown 列表输出。




用 "、" 分割,列出以上对话的参与者


hupili、Abel、Kay、小鱼儿、李建平、lj、Yifei's、唠根、🐼、tangyi、🫧小V ༻

One interesting observation is that ChatGPT gives a summary before I ask any questions. The bot is trained to give response to every message.

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